This page is to help answer any questions about the simple process & procedure of booking your photo session with Sean Thurston Photography.
Things to note before booking.
Setting up a session is simple. You can contact me on the provided form or call and let me know which service you're interested in. I will also need basic information such as time, date and location that you would like to book your session.
If you would like to sit down and chat, either over coffee or via video conference, just let me know and we'll get it scheduled. I want to ensure that you're comfortable and informed!
Location is the big "?" for most people. I urge you to choose somewhere that means something to you and the photos will mean that much more!
Fee & Retainer - Portrait sessions come with a session fee that covers my time and service before and after your session. The session fee also includes the retainer (usually 50% of the session fee). This is non-refundable and confirms your booking, ensures that you are given the date/time/location that was agreed on and covers any expenses. The retainer must be paid to confirm your booking and the balance paid prior to your session. Payment plans are available upon request.
A minimum $25 charge will be added to any service beyond 40 miles of Waynesboro, VA.
You've booked your session, now what do I do?
You continue to be awesome and if you have any questions, just ask! If you must do something... give the clothing some thought. (See below for recommendations)
Today is the day!
It's important to be on time. We will spend around 60 minutes (for portrait sessions) together to ensure that we capture all sorts of simple poses and people combinations. Here are a few tips for your session.  
Tip 1 - Clothing
Wear something flattering and comfortable. You always want to look your best and if you're not comfortable, it will show. Also, try not to wear something that's too "busy". Simple solid colors are always the best bet.
Tip 2 - Grooming
Gentlemen should be freshly shaven. Ladies, it's best to keep your makeup simple and clean. Children should be comfortable and stain-free. Try to have a good hair day.
That was fun, so what's next?
I'll take all the photos back to my secret laboratory (or office) and work on your images in a timely but thorough manner. You can expect a sneak peek photo posted on my Facebook page within 48 hours. However, all the photos will usually take me up to 5 days for a portrait session and 2-3 weeks for a wedding. Once I have everything finished, I will upload the photos to your own private gallery and you will be notified via email with a link that takes you directly to your photographs. Your gallery has a time limit, typically 30 days.
Once in your gallery, you will be able to view, share and purchase prints in lots of sizes and materials. The ordering process is very intuitive. Select an image, click "Buy" and choose your material and size. Once you have ordered all of your images, they will be printed and shipped directly to your front door. Awesome!
One last thing...
The final step is optional but greatly appreciated. Leave me a review and let me know how happy that you are! Small businesses thrive on their reviews, so each one is important!
Thank you for supporting a veteran-owned business!
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