What’s Really Important to You?

When you sit down to find a photographer, what is the deciding factor to you?

  • Skill
  • Style
  • Reputation
  • Level of Service
  • Quality of Products
  • Personality
  • Money


I’m sure that all of these factors play a role but each has their own weight to different individuals. You may have had an experience with a “fauxtographer” that was inexpensive and the quality of work was less than expected. You may have been given a link to a gallery or USB drive and sent on your way. That’s not putting any emphasis on you as a client, your trust in their brand or the art that was created for you… so I doubt that you would remain loyal to that person or brand. They were probably using you as a learning experience – the truth revealed! *mystery music plays*

I can’t help but to think of the old adage, “you get what you pay for”. It’s a shame really.

Now let’s say that you learned from your previous experience and decided that you would change your deciding factor to “Level of Service”. Along with these photographers, you’ll find glowing reviews on the process and the work is top shelf. So now, you’re digging deeper and finding out that the level of service coincides with reputation and skill! The good news is that the photographer that you’ve come across has an amazing style that you love and right from the start you notice a difference in the quality of service with a phone call and warm conversation, instead of a cold email. Hmm, maybe there’s something to this.

This photographer, we’ll call him “Sean”, has had a great conversation with you, set up a meeting to learn more about you and your needs, bought you coffee at said meeting or met you at your home for your convenience… (who still does that? – Sean does) and you can’t believe how easy this all is. Sean explains the entire process simply and shows you all sorts of finished products so you’re not left guessing. WOW! These products are the best that you’ve ever seen! Sean not only learns about you but tells you about himself because he’s interested in building a lasting relationship with people who care about enjoying their work for years to come! That’s so great to hear… so much better than a USB drive and “Thanks, bye”.

The portrait session is fun and fulfilling, and the private reveal and ordering session is so easy. Sean shows you all of the best portraits and lets you flip through all the proofs so you can pick your favorites… so many favorites! You place your order and Sean takes care of the rest. Everything is shipped and inspected by the photographer and hand-delivered to you – how wonderful!! Isn’t Sean the best?! Way to go Sean!

It’s apparent that Sean has had many years of experience with clients and photography. He’s dedicated himself to learning his craft for over a decade and the level of service that Sean provides is catered to you and always the best.

Yes, this whole post is a bit cheesy but it illustrates the differences in what you may be used to and what sets Sean Thurston Photography apart.

Quality – Service – Reputation – Consistency | Doesn’t that sound like a brand that you would prefer to use over the other guy? So do I.

I’ve always said that the most expensive photographers are the cheap ones. You’re paying with something that you’ll never get back. Change your determining factor and see how much happier you can be.