Do you value quality?

We’ve all been there. We sit and compare product A to product B and wonder if the difference is worth the price tag. Whether you’re standing in the grocery store or sitting in front of a screen and doing it – it happens a lot! Which way do you typically sway? What are your determining factors?

There’s always a tipping point and it’s the same with photography and the photographers that you choose to capture your memories. I often see photographers charging very little and providing ‘all of the digital files’ and are often… well, not very good at what they’re doing. Ultimately, you (the client) are paying them to be their learning subject. That’s a scary thought, huh? Not to mention that these photographers are probably losing money and aren’t able to stay in business because they don’t know how to run it as a business… but that’s a totally different subject. — I like to refer to these people as the ‘click-squad’. These people typically ‘own a nice camera’ but aren’t using it to its full advantage.

Hell, I can buy a professional level oven but that doesn’t make me a master baker.

Then there is the other end of the spectrum that includes photographers who cost more, sure but provide an amazing experience, top-notch portraiture work and can label their art as ART, instead of snapshots. They’ve spent years honing their craft to produce the absolute best in any situation. They understand lighting, artistic theories, angles and the unwritten rules of what to do and what to avoid. They’ve created their own look and style. These are the people that drive the industry. These are the photographers that you be seeking to create your family heirlooms.

So to you all, I say this; next time that you go to choose a photographer – look at their body of work on merit alone. What is it that you love about what they do… and THEN look at their price. If you choose in this order, you’ll eliminate all the ‘click-squad’ on your own.

Take a look at some of the samples below. This is something that is a cherished craft and I am in love with what I do. It’s a passion and I hope that it shows.