5 Things That I Need to Run My Business – Apps & Software

These are a list of the 5 apps, services or software that I need to run things on a day to day basis.

While I’m a firm believer in the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Sweetie) way of doing things, if you’re a business owner, there’s just things or services that you need. So… without further delay, here is mine:

1. Dubsado – This is a client relationship management (CRM) service that I have really enjoyed using. For several years, I didn’t have an “all-in-one” client solution. I had one thing that covered invoices, something else that I could use for the contract signing, my client list was over there, there a spreadsheet on that at this link… you get the picture. Now everything is in one place, with a click or two I can not only see everything that I need but I can send any email templates that I need, contracts, invoice or whatever!

Possibly one of the coolest things about Dubsado is that it’s not just for photographers, it’s so easy and flexible that it can be adapted to whatever your business is. My hat is off to the team that created it.

2. Lightroom – This is the photo processing software that keeps me running and efficient. It really does handle ~95% of my photographic workflow. While Photoshop is really designed for heavy editing, lightroom is built for speed to handle image after image.

3. Quickbooks – Self-employed version – This is a service that I don’t spend a lot of time in, mostly because of I handle everything client-related in Dubsado but Quickbooks simply tracks my business expenses and helps out a bunch at tax time. It takes a little training so it can learn your spending categories but the biggest help that I find is the mileage tracking! I keep their app on my smartphone and it tracks all of my business miles and places them directly in Quickbooks for the taxman!

4. Square – This is a simple but robust payment processor that I prefer to use. All of my income collected is processed through Square and they also allow me to have a terminal (an easily customizable point of sale system) right on my tablet for when I sit down with clients. This makes things very easy. There are no handwritten invoices – I simply tap on the product and then choose the options that my clients want – presto!

5. Fundy – This is a great piece of software. It saves me so much time and effort in designing albums and laying out wall art for my clients. I can design an entire wedding album in less than 20 minutes and it is gorgeous!! The true value is in the time saved.


I know that I could list several more that I really enjoy using or makes my life easier but this is just five for now. What do you need for your business? If you’re looking to start up yourself, does this list help you at all? Let me know!