The Sean Thurston Photography Difference

The trend with modern photography is that everyone is focused on a digital file. Digital files will generally end up on a hard drive, an online gallery or tucked away in a drawer and ultimately forgotten. Don’t get me wrong, I can see the draw, you want to share them on the information superhighway with everyone from close friends and family to Susan from accounting. Hi, Susan.

What about filling your walls with those beautiful, professional and personalized artwork that you can really enjoy each and every day? Think of the smile that you’ll have when you walk by – it’s like a visual time machine that transports you back to that moment, whenever your heart desires. Now imagine the feeling of belonging that your children will have, growing up in a home that shows that they’re cherished and loved.

What if the solution is both, wall art & full resolution digital file? Yes, both!

I will personally help guide you through this simple and entire portrait session from wonder to wall art, conception to canvas – or whatever your vision may be. Your art in stunning heirloom-quality pieces, with a lifetime guarantee and your files in digital format for your sharing and safekeeping.

You’re never left to ‘figure it out on your own’. I’m always on your side.

How’s that for a difference?

With Sean Thurston Photography, you’ll hand down heirlooms, not hard drives.

Let’s get on a call and get you started enjoying your art the way it’s meant to be… IN PRINT!