The Legacy Collection – Framed Museum-Quality Canvas & Metal Artwork

When you offer top-notch service, it only makes sense to pair it with top-notch products to match. I’m excited to announce that there is a new line of products here at Sean Thurston Photography, called the Legacy Collection.

These custom pieces of wall art come framed and museum-quality in both Canvas and Metal. Stunning is the only word that you’ll have once you see them! As with all of the wall art, these are also backed by a lifetime guarantee because we want you to be able to hand down your legacy.

It’s a gorgeous selection of hand-crafted products, made from the best materials. I will design your art to fit your space and you’ll be able to approve it all, long before it’s ever sent to print. It really doesn’t get any better.

Let’s have a no-obligation consultation to discuss what you’re interested in and how easy all of this can be.