Ask Sean | Find answers to your photography questions | Engagement Sessions

Hi, Sean here. Listen, I often get asked the same sort of questions time and time again for my wedding couples, and what I’d like to do in this video format is really just address some of those issues. So one of the things that come up is the question about engagement sessions. I get couples who say, Sean, you know, we’re not really that interested in an engagement. So do we have to do one? No, we don’t.

But I will say this, and I always tell my couples the same thing. It’s a chance for us to work together. Not only that, it’s a chance for us to showcase your love for one another. So the wedding itself is much more documentary, but the engagement session is where you can show and showcase your love for one another. We get to craft something amazing and really take the time to hone that piece of wall art that you’re going to remember for the rest of your lives.

We want something to hang out or something as a memento of the day, this time in your lives this season that you are celebrating your love for one another. It’s that simple. Now, would you say no to that? No. If you can take a couple of hours. And that’s really all it takes for the engagement session. A couple of hours. Where we have a blast. We really have a great time. And engagement sessions are by far my favorite.

So if you take that time, we work through ideas and we plan everything out, which is mostly on me. Then we go from there and we get to craft something that’s spectacular. So if you have any questions beyond that about engagement sessions, just let me know. Send me a text, send me an email. Call me 540.816.9049. I’m happy to help. Thanks so much.