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An enchanting couple holding an umbrella in the midst of scenic beauty on top of a mountain during their engagement session.
29 August 2023

Amy & Eric - Engagement Session Humpback Rocks

If anyone ever asked me what love is supposed to look like, then I would simply show them photos of Amy and Eric. These two are a very sweet and down to earth couple with nothing but affection and admiration to show for the other.

I’m pleased to bring to you my favorites from their engagement session. We headed up on the Blue Ridge Parkway and started off at the Humpback Rocks Welcome Center where there’s always a great scene to be had! Later on, we finished up at Raven’s Roost, just a few miles down the road.


Amy & Eric are all set to make it official in just a few months during August of this year.


Hair and Makeup by Prittie Face Makeup


A couple enjoying an engagement session on top of Humpback Rocks, with the breathtaking Blue Ridge Parkway and a captivating tree in the background.


A man and woman standing next to each other in a scenic wooded area during their engagement session captured by Sean Thurston Photography.

A black and white photo showcasing the scenic beauty of a couple sitting on the porch of a log cabin, captured by Sean Thurston Photography during their engagement session.

Sean Thurston Photography captures the scenic beauty as a man and woman embark on an engagement session, walking down a path in a wooded area.


A scenic beauty captured by Sean Thurston Photography, showcasing a heartfelt moment between a man and woman during their engagement session on a dirt road.

A couple enjoys their engagement session on a log in front of a log cabin, surrounded by the stunning beauty of Blue Ridge Parkway's Humpback Rocks.

A couple capturing the scenic beauty of a wooded area during their engagement session, posing in front of a fence.

An older couple enjoying a scenic engagement session walking down a path in the woods captured by Sean Thurston Photography.