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A black and white wedding photography capturing a man putting a wedding ring on a woman's finger at Iris Inn.
29 August 2023

August wedding in Waynesboro at The Iris Inn Terri & Jamel

Terri & Jamel was a lovely couple that wanted to step away from the hustle and bustle of Alexandria, Virginia and come visit the Shenandoah Valley area. Well, it was more than just a visit, it was a marriage!

They had been engaged for three years and Jamel had asked her to be his wife on her birthday! Now that’s a great gift surprise. I love this idea! Way to go Jamel!

The intimate wedding was held at the Iris Inn here in Waynesboro with a picturesque view of the mountains. They wanted a quiet ceremony, a quiet celebration that was just the two of them. I call that very romantic. While the ceremony didn’t last very long, I’m certain that their love for each other will stand the test of time.

A wonderfully beautiful couple, Terri & Jamel


A black and white photo captured by Iris Inn photography, showcasing a couple holding hands on their wedding day.

Terri smiles at Jamel in a suit during their magical August wedding at Iris Inn.

A man and woman standing next to each other in a room, captured by wedding photography at Iris Inn.

A wedding couple exchange vows in front of a window at the Iris Inn.

A man and woman smiling at each other on a porch at their wedding, captured beautifully by Iris Inn photography.