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A couple, deeply in love, is hugging each other in a wooded area while a photographer captures their engagement story.
29 August 2023

Five Things That You Didnt Know About Sean - Movies & Shows

Here’s a quick list of this that may help you get to know me better – since I already get to learn so much about you through our portrait or wedding process. It’s only fair

  • One of my favorite movies of all time is Silver Bullet by Steven King
  • I love watching shows that relate to treasure hunting – ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ for example.
  • Though I’ve never read the books, I love the depth and story of ‘Game of Thrones’… but who doesn’t right?
  • The Goonies – ’nuff said
  • I still throw quotes around from random movies from the 80’s but maybe not as much as from ‘Big Trouble in Little China’. It’s a comedy, it has action, martial arts and is 100% ’80s! “No horses4!t, Wang”

**Bonus #6: Yeah I know but thinking about BTLC, I have to list possibly the second most quoted and comical martial arts movie for me and that’s ‘The Last Dragon’. I would suggest grabbing a bite to eat, piling up on the couch and having an ’80’s movie night. Remember though, if you’re going to order some pizza… “Just direct-a yo feet-za, to Daddy Green’s pizza”.