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A couple embracing in an engagement session in a field with the sun behind them, captured by Sean Thurston Photography.
29 August 2023

Haley & Devin | Braley Pond - A May Engagement

Hey, hey, thank you for coming to check out another blog post here, at Sean Thurston Photography. I am a wedding and portrait photographer here in Augusta County, Virginia, and I absolutely love what I do.

So I want to share with you an engagement session of two lovely people. We’ve got Haley and Devin, and for their engagement session, we headed out to Braley Pond. It wasn’t a place that I was familiar with. However, it was absolutely gorgeous.

You’ll see that is it was a great choice for them. So the very first photo that you’re going to see down below is just one of the pathway that led us to the field, which is coming up. But I wanted to really take advantage of the verticality there. And you’ll see that I placed them on the pathway just to give the leading lines and shot this vertically because I wanted those trees to accentuate that feel. So we went a little further into the meadow that we were looking for.

Everything was just really nice. The sun was coming through beautifully. It wasn’t too harsh. And I wanted to just place them among the flowers. And we used a little bit of a spot sun that was coming through the trees and took advantage of that. Overall, these guys were so much fun. And I really enjoyed the day there with myself, Jasmine, my hair and makeup lady from Prittie Face Makeup. We were able to take care of these two and had a ball doing so, I mean, they even had friends there that was taking care of their dogs.

We got some dogs in the photos. And, of course, we finished up at the pond itself. As you can see below, the pond was absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to focus on them, but not lose sight of the details that surrounded us. I was making sure that I was getting the sky captured correctly, all the shadows. And you can see there’s kind of a shape to the background. And one of the portraits below it was something that I was trying to focus on to make sure that I got that composition now just right for them that we finished up the evening with a little bit extra.

I just took a light and backlit them, made sure I exposed for them correctly and we threw some smoke, some atmosphere aerosol towards the light and captured all of that. So that would just kind of made that special for them and ended up with a great wall hanger at the end of the day, something they could hang on their wall and cherish this moment in their lives for many, many years to come. So congratulations to them.

Hayley and Devin are all scheduled to be married on September 25th, and we are really looking forward to taking care of them. Thanks so much for reading through the blog. Hope you enjoyed the photos. Have a great day.

A couple embraces in a field during their engagement session with Sean Thurston Photography.A couple kisses in front of Braley Pond during their engagement session photographed by Sean Thurston Photography.A couple is posing for an engagement session photo in Braley Pond captured by Sean Thurston Photography.An engagement session featuring a man and woman posing with their dogs on a bridge, captured by Sean Thurston Photography at Braley Pond.A couple standing in a field with smoke coming out of their faces during their engagement session at Braley Pond captured by Sean Thurston Photography.A couple having an enchanting engagement session in a field of stunning yellow flowers at Braley Pond.A couple is sitting in a field of yellow flowers during their engagement session photographed by Sean Thurston Photography at Braley Pond.A couple enjoying an engagement session while walking down a path in the woods at Braley Pond captured by Sean Thurston Photography.Sean Thurston Photography captured this beautiful engagement session as the couple enjoyed a sweet moment leaning against a wooden fence in the enchanting Braley Pond woods.