Your professional headshot is just an experience away. It's time to update your look and it's all done here in studio. You'll choose your favorite at the session and your new look is delivered within 48 hours! 

Individual Headshot Sessions

Group Headshot Sessions

For Your Company & Office 

Executive Style Headshots
Update your professional look.

Executive Headshots by Sean Thurston Photography

Bringing a fresh look to your professional image

1-5 minute sessions, one outfit, basic coaching. Perfect for company events or large groups.

•2 person minimum to qualify
•Includes light retouching of each individuals best photo
•Basic coaching for optimal pose and expression
•High-res download of each person's best photo via a gallery link
•Best photos are chosen with the individual on the spot

2-15 people - $100/person
16-30 people - $75/person
31-50 people - $65/person
51-100 people - $55/person
101-200 people - $50/person
201-300+ people - $45/person

Turnaround time: Corporate headshot clients can expect to receive their photos within 5 business days with groups less than 100 people. For groups larger than 100, please allow 7-10 business days for editing and electronic delivery.

On-location travel & studio setup - $150/day

Step up your look with a new headshot!

Executive Headshots by Sean Thurston Photography