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A woman in a red dress smiling for the camera during a headshot session in Staunton.
29 August 2023

Headshots for Professionals in Waynesboro and Staunton Virginia by Sean Thurston Photography

When you’re looking to hire a professional photographer for headshots in Waynesboro and Staunton, there are a few things you should know first. The people hiring you might not even be aware that they need professional photos of their employees. Think about it: It’s easy to forget the small details about your appearance when you show up for work every day. That’s why hiring a professional who knows how to make your employees look their most beautiful self is so important for businesses everywhere. If you’re thinking about doing some headshots, don’t worry - we've got plenty of helpful advice to help you get started. Keep reading to learn more about what headshots are and why they’re so important for professionals in Waynesboro and Staunton other than just as an unblurred photo that shows the shape of your face and eyes.


Your headshot is often the first thing that people see

When hiring for a new position, your headshot is often the first thing that people see. Sometimes, potential employers will even ask you to send a photo of yourself with no introduction at all. The truth is that in today’s job market, your headshot is worth its weight in gold. The importance of professional headshots cannot be underestimated - and it’s something that you should invest in. Professional photographs can help give potential employers an idea of what kind of personality and appearance they should expect from the candidate who is applying for the position. It also helps show the person off to their best advantage and make them more appealing to those who decide against meeting them in-person. Having a professionally done headshot of yourself can help you land the job you want without having to go through any extra rounds of interviews or whatever else might come up along the way.


Do you need a quality headshot?

One of the hardest parts about getting a professional headshot is whether or not you need one at all. A lot of people will answer this question with an emphatic “yes,” but there are a few things to consider before making that decision for yourself. First, it’s important to know what your company needs from their headshots. Generally speaking, businesses need three main types of photos: professional headshots, business cards, and promotional photos for digital marketing. The first type of photo is the professional headshot that you might have seen used on resumes. These do not have the same requirements as the other two types of photos because they don’t serve any purpose beyond showing your face and telling someone who doesn’t know you that you are a professional in the industry you mention on your resume. The second type of photo is called a business card photo and it can be used anywhere to represent your company. They exist in every size and shape imaginable - so long as they show enough information about who you are so that someone who doesn’t know you can easily recognize you and find more information about your company online if they choose to Google them later. These are usually square-shaped, black-and-white photos with an easy-to-read font and big lettering (think business card size). The third type of photo is typically called a marketing picture or promotion picture for digital marketing campaigns.


How often should you update your headshot?

Do you have an idea of how often your personal headshots should be updated? If you’re like most people, it depends. That said, the rule of thumb is that if you are not using your headshot as a professional image, once a year is fine. For those who aren’t using their photos as professional images, some might opt for every six months to update their headshots. If you need a professional photo for work or another kind of business-related purposes, we recommend getting headshots done every six months to avoid looking too dated or outdated. If you want to stay on top of trends in the industry and make sure your company looks modern and up-to-date with industry standards, get a new shoot every six months. If you want to take more than one picture at a time, take them at different times of the day so that they capture different aspects of your personality and look.


A woman in a red shirt smiling for the camera, perfect for professional headshots in Waynesboro and Staunton

A man in a suit and tie is smiling during a headshot photoshoot in Waynesboro.

A woman wearing glasses in Staunton is smiling for the camera.

A smiling woman wearing a black vest and white shirt for her professional headshot in Virginia.

A man with a beard smiling for the camera during a professional headshot session in Virginia.

A man in a blue shirt smiling for the camera, presenting a professional image for headshots in Waynesboro and Staunton.