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A beautiful bride and groom dancing at their wedding reception, celebrating the union of their love.
29 August 2023

Kate & Brad | A Harrisonburg Wedding - The Barn at Kleins Mill

After waiting things out due to COVID, the big day had finally arrived on the 3rd of April. Kate and Brad with many friends and family were ready to make things official. It’s my pleasure to help tell just a small portion of their love story. I’m happy to introduce Mr. & Mrs. Seaton.


In Harrisonburg, Kate and Brad's wedding photography captures a beautiful moment as the bride gracefully holds a bouquet in front of her bridesmaids.

Sean Thurston captures the beautiful union as a bride walks down the aisle with her father in this wedding photography.

A man in a suit celebrates as he walks down the aisle, capturing the beautiful union through wedding photography.

The bride celebrates her union with a bouquet of purple flowers at the wedding.

A wedding arrangement of lavender flowers on a table to celebrate the union.

A stunning couple celebrate their union during their outdoor wedding ceremony.

A wedding ceremony set up with chairs and flowers to celebrate the union.

A bride and groom celebrate their beautiful union, smiling at each other in a log cabin captured by Sean Thurston's stunning wedding photography.

A union celebration in a field with wedding party standing under an arbour.