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A family embarks on a journey, with two daughters walking down a road surrounded by cherry blossoms in the background.
29 August 2023

My Girls

I thought that the first post that gets me back to my blogging (which I used to do many moons ago) has to be about my girls. My little monkeys are a huge source of inspiration and drive for me and if you’ve looked over my About page, you’ll know why I started taking portraits of people.

My oldest daughter, Kyra has had a lens pointed at her since she was born. She’s accustomed to the intimidating side of the camera. She never questions it and has even grown to love it. A few years ago, she even began to learn the technical side of photography and has done a pretty exceptional job at retaining the basics. It’s not that I’m a good teacher, it’s simply that she’s an excellent student. I love to be able to teach how to see the world through the lens of a camera.

My youngest minion’s name is Kacey. No, having two names that begin with a “K” was never intended. I actually wanted to name her “Harper” but my wife refused, even after six months of negotiating. I lost that battle but I still liked the name Kacey. Anyway… back to where I was going with this. My wife and I knew that we used all of our karma points on the first kid and now have to accept that Kacey is our “wild child”. She hasn’t stopped bouncing and an indoor voice is simply out of the question. I don’t mean for it to seem like she’s a problem child, she isn’t – she’s just revv’d up and ready — ALL THE TIME. Aside from that, both she and her sister have the biggest of hearts. Which always makes Daddy proud.

The roles in our home are not traditional. When I’m not caring for clients, I’m caring for kiddos. The mental shift of accepting a job like that was hard for me at first but it has been the most rewarding job that I never could have imagined. I’ve watched these two monkeys grow each and every day. Doing everything that I can to teach them all that I could from colors to courtesies to counting. Kyra was a lot more receptive to learning in general but we’re still getting there with Kacey.

No matter what happens, they’re sisters. They love each other. They fight like sisters do sometimes but we all have grown in the household because of how wonderful my little girls are. I’m a regular guy who has made mistakes and I’ll never be perfect and don’t want to be – but to them, at least for now… I still am. That goes back to their big hearts. Thanks to my banana loving monkeys, I’m a family man and always will be.

Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears.


Sean Thurston and his two little daughters, dressed in white dresses, walking down a road.

Two tiny daughters of Sean Thurston sitting on a bench in a picturesque orchard.

Two little girls dressed as snowmen embarking on a snowy journey down a path.

Two little girls, accompanied by their family, sitting on a swing in the park.

Sean Thurston's two little daughters sitting on a swing.

Two daughters of Sean Thurston sitting on a bench.