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A wedding couple standing in a field in autumn, captured by Sean Thurston Photography.
29 August 2023

November wedding in Linville at the Barn at Klines Mill Emily & Nathan

From the moment that I first sat down with Emily and Nathan, I knew that these two not only were a lot of fun but this was going to be an amazing story. It was like sitting down with a couple of old friends and catching up. They are such a joy to be around and I absolutely loved being able to capture their love for each other through their engagement session and wedding day.

Nathan proposed to Emily on a beach in Florida… I can picture the warm setting sun and picturesque setting now. How romantic! I can tell that I had my work cut out for me with this wonderful story… I had to nail it!

We began with an engagement session during the Summer, at a place that was special to them. A small local farm that was owned by a family friend. It was an amazing little place that had tons of character and charm — just like these two! I had an overcast day in my favor and perfect conditions to make something special. We laughed and photographed our way around the property. The one thing that I try to express to my couples during this time is that it’s all about celebrating your love and relationship for each other, and if you can… just imagine that I vanish and these moments are just between the two of you. Emily and Nathan took this advice to heart and crushed it. They were very comfortable in front of the camera, the light was right and they lived in the moment…. all of this is what a photographer lives for and makes the job so enjoyable!

Oh, the number of beautiful portraits that they walked away with!

As time does, Summer turned into Autumn and their wedding was fast approaching. We talked over timelines and details and was all set for the big day.

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a couple who truly adore each other and on that day in November, nothing was more prevalent. I took plenty of time to cover the details and take care of both Emily and Nathan. Soon it was time for the first look. The brightness of the midday sun had caused me to call an audible to make sure that their wedding pictures were just as spectacular as they are. The moment and emotions came when Nathan’s soon to be bride tapped him on the shoulder and they locked eyes for the first time on that day… their day. There were smiles and eyes welled up with tears and it was joyous! I sometimes have to remember that I’m there to capture this moment and not just live in it myself… it was beautiful!

The ceremony was outside and was set up beautifully. Keep in mind that it was November but I wasn’t in the least bit cold… I can’t say the same for some of the guests. None of that mattered once the music began to signal the start. Joy kept people warm. There were vows and I do’s, kisses and kindness – everything that you would expect from an unforgettable moment.

For the next few hours – the reception was underway with congratulations and new welcomings to the family, cake and candles, smiles and shaking of both hands and hips. What a great celebration of life and love. I’m honored to have captured it.


A wedding couple standing on a path in a field captured by Sean Thurston Photography at Klines Mill.

A wedding couple standing in front of an old barn, captured by Sean Thurston Photography at Klines Mill.

A wedding couple sits on the grass next to a stream, captured beautifully by Sean Thurston Photography at Klines Mill.

A man and woman are laughing together in a field during their wedding shoot at Klines Mill, captured beautifully by the talented photography team.

A wedding party, including the bride and her bridesmaids, pose in front of a barn captured by Sean Thurston Photography at Klines Mill.

A couple embraces in a foggy field, capturing their intimate wedding moment at Klines Mill - beautifully captured by Sean Thurston Photography.