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A wedding couple sitting on a stone wall in the woods near Stanardsville.
29 August 2023

October wedding in Stanardsville at the White Lotus Eco Spa Sami & Ryan

I have a love story about a cute couple that called me from Philidelphia. They wanted someone who was fun and able to capture their adorable wedding at the White Lotus Eco Spa in Stanardsville, Virginia. This was a place that Sami and Ryan have visited on several occasions and loved! I have to admit, it was cute and had an abundance of charm.

Sami (or Sam) is an Administrative Assistant for autistic children and Ryan is a front desk coordinator for a Dentist back in PA. They met in college and are a great couple. I only wish they lived closer and we had more time together because they are so genuine and sweet that it was a treat to be able to take care of them both… the whole family was fun to be around.

Anyway… let me get back on track here, I often like to have an engagement session with my couples to get to know them, how they act together and really learn what makes them unique but because of the distance between us, I had to figure it all out on their wedding day! No worries, it’s what I do and I’m good at it!

The ceremony was quaint but full of love, lead by Kate Adamson (she’s also super nice) and one of my favorite gestures about the whole day was during the ceremony. Each and every person was able to hold Sami and Ryan’s wedding bands and wish them well and tell them how much they mean to them. I love that! Everyone also seemed to have a part to help make their day special. Her aunt was a make-up artist, all the lovely ladies helped her get ready and they even had their entire meal (cake included) made by two of their close friends — at the spa! Awesome! It was a magical day.

Another wonderful couple and love story in the books. I truly hope to be able to take care of Sami and Ryan again.


A bride and groom at their wedding standing next to each other in red converse shoes.

A wedding couple kisses in front of a fireplace at the White Lotus Eco Spa.

The bride and groom have a wedding ceremony in front of a stone wall at White Lotus Eco Spa.

Sami and Ryan's October wedding in the woods, with a bride and groom holding an umbrella.

Keywords: wedding ceremony, tranquil.  Modified description: A tranquil wedding ceremony at White Lotus Eco Spa with the bride and groom clapping.

A bride and groom sharing their first dance at a wedding venue in Stanardsville.

A wedding couple walking through the woods during a SEO-themed wedding photoshoot.

A bride and groom embracing on a wedding bridge.

A wedding couple standing in front of a pond at White Lotus Eco Spa in Stanardsville.