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Anne & Lacy King, a lovely older couple, celebrating their Golden Anniversary by posing in front of a stunning fence for photographs.
29 August 2023

The Kings - Celebrating 50 Years Together - Staunton, VA

You’ll often see me telling the beginning of love stories through engagement sessions or weddings. It’s rarer than I’d like for it to be that I get to share a love for the ages.

During a challenging year, Anne and Lacy still found time to celebrate their unity through portraits that they wanted for themselves and as Christmas gifts for their children. I can’t explain how joyful it was to see the smiles on their faces during their reveal and to hear them talk about the stories and experiences that they’ve shared over the years.

I’m so pleased to share with you some of my favorites from their Golden Anniversary.

To Anne and Lacy King


Anne & Lacy King celebrating their golden anniversary by taking a leisurely walk in a stunning park.

An older couple celebrating their Golden Anniversary by posing for photographs in a park.

Anne & Lacy King, an older couple, celebrating their Golden Anniversary in a park filled with stunning photographs and leaves on the ground.

Anne and Lacy King, a stunning older couple, standing next to a fence in a park on their Golden Anniversary.